These artists have participated through invitational projects, publications, museum projects, and exhibitions at the gallery. Patricia Correia Gallery can contact these artists for sale of current artwork. 1991- 2008

Lisa Adams - painting

Kim Anno - painting

Michael Bedard - painting

Lynn Beldner - assemblage

Lynn Bennett -collage

Clayton Campbell  - painting

Ann Chamberlin - painting

Martin Durazo / SE Barnet -multi media works on paper

Mark Emerson - painting

Richard Godfrey - painting

Marsea Goldberg - painting

Samantha Harrison  - painting

Patti Heid  - painting

George Herms - assemblage

Mark Housley  - painting

Bari Kumar - painting

Marion Lane - painting

John Luebtow -sculpture

James M. Mahoney  - painting

Julie McManus - painting

Doug Meyer  - painting

Steve Schmidt  - painting assemblage

Dustin Shuler - mixed media

Mark Sparks - painting/assemblage

Curtis Stage  - multi-media

Sharon Suhovy -wall construction

Moris Tepper  - painting

Susan Tibbles -assemblage

Lawrence Yun  - painting

Julie Zemel - painting