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Patricia Correia was born in 1955 and raised in San Diego, California, to Spanish and Portuguese immigrant parents. In 1974, while studying fine art at the University of Hawaii, Patricia joined her brother and artist Steven V. Correia, to help establish Correia Art Glass (CAG), one of the first art glass studios to spearhead the Art Glass Movement in the early 1970’s.

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In Patricia’s first sales trip to New York City in 1974, she generated over forty thousand dollars (annual production) in sales for Correia Art Glass, creating a new American market for contemporary decorative arts. Eight years later, in 1982, she sold Correia Art Glass national and international and sales increased to 1.2 million dollars annually. While living in New York City from 1982 to 1987, Patricia Correia presided over national sales and sales training for Correia Art Glass showrooms in New York City, Dallas, and Los Angeles. As Vice President of Sales, she directly sold to the top major retail chains such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Harrods in London, and Cartier in Paris. In addition to her outstanding sales records, she placed Correia Art Glass glasswork in the permanent collections of major American cultural institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Institution, the Corning Museum of Glass, and the White House during the Carter administration. By combining creative marketing and sales through the focus of the arts, Patricia Correia advanced the cultural and artistic community's perception of collecting glass and cultivated new audiences for decorative art.

In 1987, after thirteen years of national and international marketing and with sales at just under two million dollars annually, Patricia Correia felt it was time to pursue a greater challenge and a more focused market. She parted from Correia Art Glass and helped co-found Steven V. Correia Crystal, moving from decorative blown glass to optical crystal sculpture. As President, she actively ran the company and focused on marketing and sales of fine art sculpture to Fotune 500 corporations and non-profit organizations for special recognition and awards programs. SVC Crystal catered to a unqiue group of collectors and hundreds of corporations such as Pepsi/Taco Bell, Nynex, Amgen Pharmaceutical, Smith-Barney, EDS, Dupont Merck, and the Weisman Foundation. Through this focused marketing, she brought crystal sculpture to a wider segment of the corporate community, while heightening the general public's awareness. In 1988, during her term as President, Patricia Correia was responsible for selling and overseeing a $250,000 special project. This project featured a kinetic laser light sculpture that was site-specific for the San Diego Design Center 10-acre complex (previously owned by Qual Comm Inc.). This environmental sculpture was visible at a thirteen-mile radius from its epicenter and served as the gateway for the city of San Diego, California and was the largest permanent sculpture at the time.

In 1991, Ms. Correia pursued a different career path in the arts and opened Patricia Correia Gallery (PCG) in Venice, California, where in three and a half years, she established a respected presence in the community and the Los Angeles art scene. In 1994, upon invitation from the City of Santa Monica, California, Patricia Correia Gallery relocated to Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica, California, where the gallery resided for 17 years until it’s close in December of 2008.

From 1991 to 2003, Patricia Correia Gallery worked with California artists, primarily from the Los Angeles area. The gallery focused on providing a platform for these artists to create and exhibit contemporary fine art in all medias while promoting artists to the public, private collectors, institutions, and museums, nationwide and internationally.

In 2001, Patricia Correia Publishing (PCP), the digital print studio subdivision of Patricia Correia Gallery, was launched. This new division, which specializes in limited edition fine art prints and specialized print projects, provides the means for artists to explore new territories and push the boundaries of their own art making practice through digital printmaking. Patricia Correia Publishing operates on an invitation-only basis.

Patricia Correia Gallery redirected its course in 2003, focusing on Chicano artists throughout the United States, while still concentrating on international contemporary art. Many of the artists represented by the gallery during this project participated in the founding of the Chicano Art Movement, which had been evolving over the last 40 years throughout the United States. These visual artists have participated in public artworks, grants, art biennials, gallery and museum exhibitions, and featured in museum collections both nationally and internationally. In 2007, at the height of this project, Patricia Correia Gallery was invited to work with La Casa Encendida Art Center in Madrid, Spain, to bring together a Chicano exhibition. This exhibition, titled Pintores de Aztlan, featuring nine Chicano/a artists, was accompanied by a 215-page catalog. Though this five-year Chicano/a project at Patricia Correia Gallery concluded in 2008, Chicano art continued to remain part of the gallery’s curatorial specialty.

In 2006, during the PCG/Chicano project, Patricia Correia Productions was created to encompass all the separate projects under one roof (Patricia Correia Gallery, Patricia Correia Publishing, and FaufiTown Projects). From 2006 to 2008, FaufiTown Projects sponsored new and emerging artists and participated in numerous art fairs including MACO (Mexico Arte Contemporaneo, Ciudad de Mexico, DF), Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland & Art Basel Miami Beach; FL.

After closing the gallery in December of 2008, Patricia Correia became Patricia Correa Projects in 2009, which works with emerging and established, museum-collected artists, nationally and internationally. Patricia Correia Projects’ focus is currently on sales of contemporary fine art, dealing exclusively with collectors and institutions, from her private gallery in Topanga Canyon, California, just north of Santa Monica.


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